Marc Jansen

Data Scientist
& Product Manager

Leading Responsible AI: Explainable AI and Data Bias

01 August 2020

Key terms: Explainable AI, Data Bias, Black Box Models, Responsible AI, Leadership

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) renaissance is upon us. We see the application of this technology emerging in all aspects of our lives, from healthcare to education, to law enforcement, to self-driving cars, to manufacturing. The series of decisions and predictions made by AI-enabled systems can have a profound effect on us at a macro level.

As companies begin to adopt this technology, the application of AI requires not only a deep understanding of the technology, but also a clear understanding of the social and ethical implications these decisions and predictions have on your business and your customers.

At Decoded we help senior leadership navigate shifts in their responsibilities as leaders through our Digital Leadership product. As leaders grapple with the power of data and AI in their business, dynamic conversations emerge around responsibility as it represents a corporate blindspot that currently has no playbook or regulations to guide decision making.

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Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash