Marc Jansen

Data Scientist
& Product Manager

The Power of Data in a Crisis

01 April 2020

The first few months of this year have been a wake-up call for the world as a health crisis ripples through our global society and economy. While the full scale and duration of the situation and its aftermath are unknown, many of us might feel we’re scrambling for a foothold.

At Decoded, we’re no different. As technology educators we’ve had all hands on deck to reposition our product for virtual delivery and understand how our clients’ needs may shift. At the same time, predicting and promoting change through technology and data is what brings us together as a team. We realized this mindset is our foothold. We hope sharing some of our recent thinking helps to reset your perspective and start leveraging data to chart a new course for your business.

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Photo by Alexey Soucho on Unsplash

Photo by Alexey Soucho on Unsplash