Marc Jansen

Data Scientist
& Product Manager

Gousto Operations: the power of combinations

31 May 2019

Gousto is multiple different companies at once. We’re an e-commerce company with the expected digital ecosystem allowing users to go through the experience of selecting and buying a product, giving feedback, sorting out payments all on their device. Meanwhile everything involved with getting a recipe kit to your door as a customer involves a lot of ‘real world’ interactions: purchasing the required stock, moving this stock from our warehouse to the picking line, picking ingredients into boxes and ultimately preparing boxes onto pallets for distribution around the country. Add to that the fact that we deal with perishables and have a weekly changing menu of 40 recipes we offer nationally, which customers can choose from freely.

Together, they make for a complex business that needs to get many things right to succeed. The flipside of this complexity is that we are achieving step changes in efficiency through rethinking how combining fresh ingredients in a box ultimately result in most loved way to eat dinner in the UK.

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