Marc Jansen

Data Scientist
& Product Manager

At 1,048,576 rows? Time to Bid Excel a Respectful Farewell

31 July 2020

Key terms: Python, automation, data pipelines, data lakes, low/no code

We’ve all been there: try to open a bulky CSV, and Excel or Google Docs will either politely complain about the maximum number of rows or simply abandon you. While alternative tools have been around for decades, we have continued to stick to spreadsheets knowing they might crash at any point. If you feel like you’re being held to ransom by Excel, salvation awaits! We live in a time that has seen an unprecedented rise in open-source, intuitive tools which can help us work with data more quickly, more elegantly and more productively. The Age of Excel is over; welcome to the Age of Code.

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Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash

Photo by Filip Kominik on Unsplash